Personal Branding Aces!

Personal Branding . ‘Personal brand’, I know you have heard about it a lot of times. But we are sure you are probably not very much convinced with the actual definition of personal branding. Not to worry, we will simplify it for you. So, personal brand is a mixture of you, your service/product and the… Continue reading Personal Branding Aces!

Creation Over Convention

Creation Over . Creativity is the sole act of changing the new, imaginative idea into reality. So, usually you don’t get to hear business and creativity together. Business is presumed to be just minting money and the art of squeezing out money from the people’s pockets. Well, that is the tip of the iceberg.  … Continue reading Creation Over Convention

Audio-Visual Effects On The Sale

Audio Visual: . The most important aspect of marketing is communication. The communication has to be two-way. Audio-visual is one such effective way of great communication. The audio-visual marks a connection between you and your audience, because what is more important than establishing a great bond with your audience, right?  One of the biggest advantages… Continue reading Audio-Visual Effects On The Sale

Content Creation: Essence Of Brands!

Content Creation . Content creation is the powerhouse of the cell called marketing. Why, you ask? A large number of people like you and I are constantly on the internet feeding on content available to them. What comes to their feed is the cream of the cake. Content is delivered through images, videos, texts, audios,… Continue reading Content Creation: Essence Of Brands!

Content, Heart Of Digital Marketing!

CONTENT . Did you know that photography is a form of content creation too? A content has the ability to shape people’s mind with rational, relevant thoughts. Blogging, article writing, podcasts are all forms of content creation. Most of the content that is created, is posted online. Digital marketing is the new radio.   According… Continue reading Content, Heart Of Digital Marketing!

Content Writing A Piece Of Cake?

Content Writing A Piece Of . Well yes, “content writing is a piece of cake!” Oh, no no no, do not get me wrong, I am definitely not claiming it to be super easy and everyone’s cup of tea. I have a whole other perspective of that to show you, and that’s what a content… Continue reading Content Writing A Piece Of Cake?