Well yes, “content writing is a piece of cake!” Oh, no no no, do not get me wrong, I am certainly not claiming it to be super easy and everyone’s cup of tea. We have a whole other perspective of that to show you, and that’s what a content writer does, right? Presenting a whole new dimension to your imagination. 

‘Content writing’ ~ something that all of us have read, heard a lot about, but for those who are alien to the concept, relax and read it till the end. 

Now, coming to the technical meaning of content writing, it says, the whole procedure of planning, writing, and editing any piece of content or in simpler words a write up is content writing. It comprises writings for a blog post, a write up for an article, scripts for videos or podcasts, as well as content for any specific platform. 

These days content writing is mostly done to sell a service/product online or offline. Content writing is all rage, in the current scenario. You will come across all different styles of writing.

Now, hold your patience, the writing below there won’t take much of your time and you will love it, believe me. I have a very descriptive and exciting way of telling what exactly we do as content writers!

So, I am sure all of us have hogged on muffins, chocolate bread, vanilla bread, butterscotch bread. Oh! I made up the last three names. Chuck that for now, because I promise I will come back to it ahead in the post. Thanks.

Now, imagine you are venturing on a new project where you are selling a service/product. Without a doubt about the fact that you want people to know about it, right? And hence, you will need a proper detailed write up for you to present it to your audience. It will include what your product is all about, what made you bring it to people, how does it work, what do people get from it and a gazillion more questions in addition to that.

A well constructed content will be descriptive in nature, easy to comprehend and most importantly very transparent of what the product offers. It should cover apt information, nothing more nothing less. 

Okay, bouncing back to the question ~ want to know why I used names such as chocolate breads, vanilla bread and butterscotch bread?

Oh! Well, a cake isn’t a cake without the icing over it, because without frosting it will just be a mere piece of bread, right? Don’t believe me? Here’s a fun fact – a muffin and a cupcake are different yet the same. How, you ask? A cupcake is practically a muffin with frosting on it, a little decoration here and there, and tada! A beautiful lip smacking piece. It is that frosting and decoration that makes a cupcake more desirable, tempting, beautiful and super attractive. It lures you, doesn’t it?

So, a service/product is just a minimal piece of bread, whereas, a colored layer of frosting, a thick cover of fondant, and few trinkets like macaroons, a hot chocolate ganache and pinches of spangles makes it a decorous and seemly chunk of cake, something that people won’t be minding to pay for and would definitely love to have. 

Summing up, an embellishing added to a piece of bread makes it an attractive cake. The same way, a piece of nicely written content added to any service makes it stand a class apart.

So, that’s all for this post. Thank you for hanging till here. And now you know that content writing is an art, if done right, it will help your product/service go like hot cakes.

Also, our cake isn’t a lie😉

Wish you a super productive day!

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